Transporteurs, Taxis et Sociétés de Transferts

Transporteurs, Taxis et Sociétés de Transferts FR

Most of the transportation providers that benefit form the transferfix comparison service operate minibuses and provide a shared cost service.

Our Providers


Those same providers might offer a private service and other providers, that are publish their service as a taxi or private hire service, my benefit from the transferfix comparison service, so long as they comply with the conditions below.

Conditions of Participation for Transportation Suppliers

All transportation providers shall be licenced by the relevant authority, shall operate services within the conditions of their licence, shall possess a current licence, shall be appropriately insured and supply vehicles that are fit for purpose and insured, with all taxes paid and where drivers employed by the provider shall possess a driver permit that authorises carriage of people for commercial gain.

Finally, but essential to your participation with transferfix, you must have in place an on-line payment service, so that customer might pay for the service, over the internet.

Are you a licenced transportation provider and you wish to join transferfix?

It costs nothing to sign up. Ensure that you comply with the conditions above, read our framework contract and contact transferfix, using the form.