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Airport Transfers to and from Avoriaz

The TransferFix platform provides you with a selection of many transfer companies that offer a service between Geneva Airport and Avoriaz.
Also, there are services from other regional airports to Avoriaz, but these might only be private transfers.
You can choose on price, timing and other criteria. Then, on the TransferFix platform, you can book and pay, and your booking is guaranteed.

You can choose between a low-priced shared airport transfer, a private transfer or a premium private luxury limousine service.

The TransferFix platform provides live availability and pricing.
Your online payment goes directly to the bank account of your chosen Licensed Transportation Provider (LTP).
The TransferFix platform sends a detailed confirmation to you, and all your booking info is sent to your chosen LTP.
Also, the LTP can log in to the TransferFix platform, to see your booking.

TransferFix does not inflate prices, and the LTPs are contracted to offer the same prices on the TransferFix platform, as they do on their own website.

TransferFix is not only available in Avoriaz, but in many other destinations and our network is growing fast.
Currently,  these destinations are on the TransferFix platform.


Journey Times & Distances from Airports to Avoriaz

From Geneva airport (GVA), the transfer to Avoriaz takes approximately 1h 35m.
The distance from Geneva airport (GVA) to Avoriaz is 99 km or 62 miles.
From Lyon airport (LYS), the transfer to Avoriaz takes approximately 2h 45m.
The distance from Lyon airport (LYS) to Avoriaz is 219 km or 136 miles.
From Milan airport (MXP), the transfer to Avoriaz takes approximately 4 hours.
The distance from Milan airport (MXP) to Avoriaz is 314 km or 195 miles.
From Turin airport (TRN), the transfer to Avoriaz takes approximately 3h 15m.
The distance from Turin (TRN) airport to Avoriaz is 253 km or 157 miles.
From Chambéry Airport (CMF), the transfer to Avoriaz takes approximately 2 hours.
The distance from Chambéry Airport (CMF) to Avoriaz is 143 km or 89 miles.


Shared Transfers to and from Avoriaz

Shared transfers are an economical option. You are met at the airport and transferred to your accommodation. You should expect to be sharing the vehicle with other people.

On the outbound journey from the airport to Avoriaz, you might have to wait for more passengers to arrive on different flights, and during the journey to Avoriaz, there might be short diversions, where other passengers are dropped off at their accommodation. This might be in Les Gets and Morzine.

In Avoriaz, other passengers might be dropped off before you.
Therefore, with a shared transfer, your journey time might well be more than the journey time set-out above.

Arrival in Avoriaz for Shared and Private Transfers

Please note that Avoriaz is a vehicle-free resort, and there is no, 'door to door' service.

By default, your LTP will drop you the Welcome Centre, which is at the entrance to the resort.
This is close to the Falaise and L’Amara sectors of Avoriaz.
The Falaise area is within walking distance.

If you are staying at the L’Amara residence, your LTP can drop you at level 1 of the underground parking for L’Amara residence.
Please be sure to notify your LTP in advance.

If your accommodation is in another sector, from the Welcome Centre, you can take a snow taxi or horse-pulled sledge to your accommodation.  
Typically, the cost is €10, and the sledge will carry 6 people and all your luggage.

If you prefer to walk, there are luggage sledges available for you to use.

Instead of taking a transfer by road, all the way up to Avoriaz, you can request your VTC to drop you at the Prodains Telepherique.
This is a cable car station 4km (2.5 miles) from the centre of Morzine.
The Prodains Telepherique will take you up to Avoriaz.
If this is your preference, please do notify your VTC in advance.

The Prodains Telepherique is included in the Avoriaz and Portes de Soleil lift pass.
So if you have purchased a lift pass in advance, there is no additional fee.
If you have not purchased the lift pass in advance, at the bottom station, you can buy a one-way pedestrian pass, for approximately €12 per person.

Where your accommodation is in the lower sector of Avoriaz, the Prodains Telepherique is the best option, as the cable car delivers you to the lower sector of Avoriaz.

From the Prodains Telepherique top station in Avoriaz, you can take a snow taxi or a horse-pulled sledge to your accommodation.
The price is about €10. It's the same price as from the Welcome Centre.


Departing from Avoriaz by Shared or Private Transfer

In advance, you will be notified of your actual pick-up time and pick-up point.
Usually, you get to choose the Pick-up point, but some shared LTPs might direct you to use their preferred pick-up point.

The same info as provided in this page for arrival applies to your departure.
However, your LTP might ask you to be available for Pick-up at a different location from your Drop-off.
Be sure to be at the designated pick-up point, at the requested time.
A shared LTP might not wait for you if you are late, as they might have other passengers that they are obliged to deliver to the airport on time for their flights.


Ethics of a Shared Transfer to or from Avoriaz

The shared transfer experience requires a bit of “give and take” and a considerate attitude from all passengers.
Don't be late. Do be helpful if required and be polite to your fellow passengers.
The companies that provide shared transfers are very experienced.
Listen to what their driver might have to say and enjoy the ride!


What happens if my flight is delayed?

TransferFix is in the process of contracting with all LTPs so that you might be able to benefit from transportation on the next available mini-bus.

By choosing a seat in a shared LTP, you save money and leave a lower carbon trail.

Private Transfers to and from Avoriaz

A Private transfer will give you much more flexibility. You get to choose your drop-off and pick-up points in Avoriaz.
You have no other passengers to consider, but do listen to your driver for any advice.


Be Prepared

You are in a high-alpine resort, and depending on matters outside for everyone's control, and in unusual circumstances, the situation might change.
You might have to adapt. If that does happen, listen to your driver and please be compliant.

About Avoriaz

Avoriaz is a French resort located in the centre of the Portes du Soleil (literally the Door of the Sun), which is one of the largest and most popular ski areas worldwide.

Avoriaz is part of the commune of Morzine and has an interesting history.

The ski resort was built in 1965 when French downhill Olympic champion Jean Vuarnet was given the responsibility of developing the skiing of Morzine.

Morzine, although excellent for beginners and intermediates, lacks in altitude. As a consequence, Avoriaz was developed 600 m or 2000 ft higher in altitude and it has a dramatic clifftop location overlooking Morzine.

Besides its advantageous position in the heart of the Portes du Soleil, Avoriaz is a purpose-built ski resort consisting of wooden chalets which blend into the majestic mountains.

Avoriaz was voted Best Family resort in 2013 at the World Snow Awards in London.

Among many other family facilities, it is worth noticing that Avoriaz is a “100% ski-in, ski-out" pedestrianised resort, which means that you can get wherever you want on foot, regardless of where you are staying in Avoriaz. 


Skiing in Avoriaz

Avoriaz is in the middle of the well-known Les Portes du Soleil (literally "The Doors of the Sun"), which is a vast and major ski area that encompasses 600 km of slopes spread over 14 both French and Swiss ski resorts.

As one of the largest ski area in the world, Les Portes du Soleil offers 34 green pistes, 119 blue pistes, 101 red pistes and 32 black pistes, serviced by 200 ski lifts.

Avoriaz is one of the major ski resorts in France as it caters for all levels of skiing competence and it also is one of the top snowboarding destinations in the world.

The village offers 75 km or 47 miles of ski pistes which are serviced by 34 ski lifts. 

The ski resort is very great for families or for groups of people with mixed ski competences because 60% of the slopes are for beginners are intermediates and the rest of 40% are for advanced and experts.

Moreover, Avoriaz is directly linked to Morzine via the Super Morzine gondola.


Avoriaz has a unique state-of-the-art architecture, designed by young architects Jacques Labro, Jean-Jacques Orzoni and Jean-Marc Roques.

In Avoriaz, you will find high buildings (12-16 floors) with acute angles that pleasantly blend in with the mountains that surround them.

The architects won awards for their work on Avoriaz, so the ski resort is a must-see for all mountain passionates, but not only.

Moreover, Avoriaz is an entirely pedestrianized village, which means that you won't be seeing any cars and all transportation happens either on foot or by sledges.



Archery is a sport suited for people of all ages.

In Avoriaz, you can take archery classes every day in the summer (except for Saturday mornings) at the Plateau Sportif.

There are archery lessons for kids as well, at the Village des Enfants.


Tours & Excursions

The Avoriaz 'Petit Train Touristique' is a tourist train that circulates daily through the resort and is an excellent way to admire the amazing scenery.

 La Fruitiere L’Alpage offers free tours of its cheese cellar and lessons in cheese making every Wednesday.

In the summer, you can go to Thonon and take a trip underground at the Gorges du Pont du Diable, which is a great way to cool down during those hot summer days.