On this page, we explain how the search will locate all of the carriers (VTCs) that service your selected route. The carriers offer different services. For example, there might be variations in vehicle type and price. You get to compare the services offered, make a choice and process the booking.


In this website, If you have arrived at a destination page such as Annecy, or you navigate to a destination page, the search widget on the right of the page will, by default, display the destination that relates to the page. Also, by default, Geneva Airport (GVA) is the pre-selected airport. You can change the airport. If you are landing in Lyon Exupery (LYS), Milan Malpensa (MXP or any other airport in the list, select that airport. Not all of the airports will offer a shared service to your chosen destination, but you should always be able to acquire a private hire transfer.


Next is the Journey Type with a choice of One Way or Return. Most of the time, the fist search is from the Airport to the resort. However, if your One Way journey is from a resort to an Airport, the easiest way to change the routing is to click the up & down arrow icon. Return is both the outbound and the inbound journey. Effectively, two journeys. If you are taking a return journey, you do not need to use the same carrier for each journey. The TransferFix platform will allow you to travel with one VTC on the outbound journey and another VTC or the return (inbound) journey.


Next is the Transfer Type with a choice of Shared & Scheduled or Private. In the results all service types do display. But your choice is the default. To Albertville, their might not be a Scheduled Bus service. Try Aix-les-Bains and maybe someone from your accommodation can meet you in Aix-les-Bains.


This is the date and time that your flight is scheduled to arrive at the airport. If there are no, or only limited, shared transfers available search results for the exact time of arrival, in a modified search, try a later time. This means you will have a longer wait at the airport. For a private transfer, your VTC will be waiting for you at the airport.


This will display only if you have selected a return journey. Again, apply the exact time that your flight departs. The VTCs have a lot of experience with airport transfers, so you can rely on them to give you the appropriate pick-up time from your accommodation to deliver you to the airport in good time to catch your flight.


Apply the exact number of passengers. This should include any child that shall travel in a 'booster' seat. The booster seat will be provided by the VTC.


The search results display in three groups with a tab for each group above the results. If you have select the Shared & Scheduled Transfer Type, Schedule Buss services will display by default. If there are on Scheduled Bus services, select the next tab, Shared Transfers. If you have selected Private in the Transfer Type, the Private Hire results will display by default with Shared & Scheduled tabs available if you decide the Private services do not work for you.

The comparison service of TransferFix provides you with accurate availability and costs, and you can book and pay for your preferred service in two quick and easy steps. And you do not have to concern worry about any additional costs! The carrier companies are contracted to offer the same prices in TransferFix as they do on their own website. TransferFix is available, not only in your selected destination, but in many other resorts in which TransferFix partner VTCs operate.


Live availability

The TransferFix platform holds live availability, for all of the Licensed Transportation Providers on the platform. This is why your booking is confirmed at the point of purchase.

Contract with the carrier

TransferFix does not take payment. Your payment goes directly to the Licensed Transportation Provider and your contract is with the Licensed Transportation Provider.

Book and pay online

All payments are made on-line through the TransferFix platform. This way, your order is confirmed with the Licensed Transportation Provider.

Door-to-Door service

All shared and private Licensed Transportation Providers are contracted to drop you off at your hotel or other accommodation, and they will collect you from your accommodation.

Booking guaranteed

All payments made on the TransferFix platform, create a contract with a confirmed booking. We do not ever take an order and try to resell it to a transportation provider.

All carriers licensed

All carriers are Licensed Transportation Providers, where the license is granted by the local licensing authority and where all drivers are required to hold a valid drivers license for the commercial transportation of passengers, in the respective jurisdiction.