transferfix - compare & book

Transferfix is an online real-time booking platform for airport transfers. The platform displays all of the live availability supplied by the Licenced Transportation Providers (LTPs), for any route operated. More routes are frequently added to the platform.  Where multiple LTPs service a route, you have the option to compare prices and other features of the service. When you have selected a service, you can book and receive immediate and binding confirmation.

Your contract is with the LTP and your payment goes directly to their bank account.


Benefits of using Transferfix

When you make a booking through Transferfix, and you do not go directly to the LTPs website, you receive a layer of security.
Tell us about an LTP that has reliability issues, we might be able to fix the problem. 

Soon, we will have an online review feature. This will be available only to people who have booked through Transferfix.
Therefore, the reviews will be reliable and not corrupted by other actors.

The LTPs apply their pricing into the Transferfix platform, and they are contractually obliged to apply the same price that displays on their own website.

Transferfix saves you time, so you don't have to go to all the websites of all LTPs, to find the best offer.

Transferfix on other websites

You might have found Transferfix on another website.

Do not be concerned, it is safe to book.

Your order will be processed in the normal way.

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