1. Financial
Why no Tripadvisor or Trustpilot reviews?
It is well known that third-party review systems are abused by merchants and competitors alike. TransferFix is developing a review system, where only a known passenger will be able to post a review of a Licensed Transportation Provider on the TransferFix platform.
I want to book for tomorrow, but there is no availability!
Each Licensed Transportation Provider (LTP) on the platform, sets their own 'booking delay interval', that is usually between 24-72 hours. As the LTPs reservation management software becomes better integrated with the TransferFix platform, the booking delay interval will be reduced.
Does Transferfix inflate service suppliers prices?
No. TransferfFix does not inflate the price. Also, the Licenced Transportation Providers are contractually obliged to apply the same price on the platform as the price that displays on their website.
How do I cancel my booking?
Contact the Licensed Transportation Provider (LTP) directly. You can cancel or amemd your booking with the LTP, in compliance with the LTP's terms & conditions that you agreed to, when the contract was made.
2. Carriers
When I book, is my contract with transferfix?
No. Your contract is with the Licensed Transportation Provider (LTP), and your payment goes directly to the bank account of the LTP.
If I book with Transferfix, is my booking safe and reliable?
Yes. Only Transportation Providers that are licenced by the appropriate authority in their jurisdiction are permited to join the platform. Also, your booking is confirmed immediately, as the Licensed Transportation Providers are obliged to apply routes into the platform that they serve, and only routes with availability will display after you make a search on transferfix.com or any affiliate website.
I saw a 'powered by tranferfix' booking facility on another website, but it looked very different from Transferfix. Is it safe to use?
Yes! It is safe. The TransferFix platform is accessed from many Affiliate websites, and our API allows them to choose the styling, hence the different 'look'.
I have booked and received confirmation from Transferfix, but I have heard nothing from the supplier.
That is not normal. The booking confirmation you received from TransferFix has all the details of the Licensed Transportation Provider. If you have tried to contact them, but have received no response, let us know, using this contact form.