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Airport Transfers to and from Crans-Montana

TransferFix allows you to compare all transfer services between Crans-Montana and all the airports that service Crans-Montana. This includes the nearby places that are Chermignon, Mollens and Randogne. The airport transfer services are both shared and private. The comparison services of TransferFix provides you with real-time availability and pricing, and you can buy your selected service, in two quick and easy steps.

Airport transfer prices, to and from Crans-Montana include economical shared transfers and mid-priced private transfers and premium private luxury limousine transfers.

The carrier companies are contracted to offer the same price in TransferFix as the price on their own website.

TransferFix is available, not only in Crans Montana, but in many other resorts. Compare and book airport transfers with TransferFix, to many other alpine resorts in which the TransferFix VTC partners operate.

Journey Times & Distances from Airports to Crans-Montana

From Geneva airport (GVA), the transfer to Crans-Montana takes approximately 2h 40m.
The distance from Geneva airport (GVA) to Crans-Montana is 195 km or 121 miles.
From Lyon airport (LYS), the transfer to Crans-Montana takes approximately 3h 50 m.
The distance from Lyon (LYS) airport to Crans-Montana is 339 km or 210 miles.
From Milan airport (MXP), the transfer to Crans-Montana takes approximately 3h 25m.
The distance from Milan (MXP) airport to Crans-Montana is 207 km or 128 miles.
From Turin airport (TRN), the transfer to Crans-Montana takes approximately 3h 30m.
The distance from Turin (TRN) airport to Crans-Montana is 252 km or 156 miles.
From Chambéry Airport (CMF), the transfer to Crans-Montana takes approximately 3h 30 m.
The distance from Chambéry Airport (CMF) to Crans-Montana is 251 km or 156 miles.

TransferFix compares services within the tourism sector and it allows for a selection of a service, order a service or pay for it, online and directly to the licensed transportation provider.

Shared Transfers to and from Crans Montana

Shared transfers are a great low-cost option. You will be delivered to, or collected from your hotel, chalet or apartment, no matter where you are staying in Crans Montana.

You will be sharing the vehicle with other people that will be collected, or dropped off at different locations. You might have to wait for more passengers at the airport, and the vehicle might travel around Crans-Montana, picking up or dropping off other travelers. This might increase the journey time, but you always will be notified in advance of your actual pick-up time.

Also, you might get lucky, with all passengers coming off the same flight, or flights landing within minutes of each other, and drop-offs in Crans-Montana might be close together, or you might be last to join the mini-bus and first to be dropped-off in Crans-Montana.

Either way, the shared transfer experience requires a bit of ‘give and take’ and a relaxed attitude from all passengers.

TransferFix offers shared transfers to and from Crans-Montana throughout the year.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

TransferFix is in the process of contracting with all of the carriers so that you might be able to benefit from transportation on the next available mini-bus.

By choosing a seat in a shared vehicle you save money and leave a lower carbon trail.

Private transfers to and from Crans-Montana

TransferFix runs private transfers from many different airports to Crans-Montana all year long.

When you book your private transfer online, you receive an instant confirmation via e-mail or text message and your driver will meet you at the airport.

With TransferFix and a private ride to or from Crans-Montana, you can enjoy the privacy of a taxi service while paying less money than a premium luxury limousine service.

And don’t worry! If your flight is delayed, your driver will still be at the airport to meet you when you arrive.

About Crans-Montana

Crans-Montana is a municipality in the district of Sierre in the canton of Valais, Switzerland.

Crans-Montana is a ski resort which was created through the fusion of the two centres of Crans and Montana, which belonged to six municipalities. Four of them - Chermignon, Mollens, Montana and Randogne - merged to form the municipality of Crans-Montana.

At 1,500 m (4,920 ft) above sea level, the resort is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, in the French-speaking part of the Valais canton. 

Crans-Montana is a civilized, rarely crowded and very friendly ski resort.

Out of the two centres, Crans is the more upmarket. It is here where you will find the best hotels and restaurants, as well as high-end shops, such as Prada or Louis Vuitton.

On the other hand, while Crans might be a little quiet in the evenings, Montana is younger and offers a more intense nightlife, with more traditional après-ski bars.

Skiing in Crans-Montana

Skiing in Crans Montana offers impressive views on the Matterhorn and the Mont-Blanc.

This Swiss resort is situated at between 1,500 to 3,000 m (4921 to 9842 ft) above sea level and it provides a great variety of slopes of all difficulty levels.

Crans-Montana ski domain consists of 140 km (87mi) of slopes which are serviced by a total of 27 lifts.

The domain is perfect for mixed groups, as it both offers great blue runs (39%) and challenging reds (50%) and blacks (11%).

The runs are offering long and panoramic views as well as some sheltered wooded slopes, and almost all of them are facing south, fuelling the local claim that Crans-Montana is the sunniest resort in Switzerland. 

As of the 2018/2019 winter season, the resort opened a network of dedicated uphill routes for ski touring.

Air Sports

Air Sports are a must for every adventurer and lucky enough, there is a variety of air sports that you can try in Crans-Montana.

 From paragliding to hot air ballooning, Crans-Montana is definitely the right place for thrill-seekers.

 Les Jardins de Bibi

Les Jardins de Bibi is a very popular place during summertime.

There are basketball courts, bowls, uni-hockey pitches, table tennis tables, electric cars for children and a brand new mini-golf course.

And for those who are melancholic about winter, the indoor ice rink will be open to the public.

Ecomusee de Colombire

Discover the world of the first people who lived in Crans-Montana.

A guided tour in French, English or German.

Main Events in Crans-Montana

  • The Tour des Stations: An endurance cycling race, the Tour de Stations aim to become the reference gran Fondo cycling race in Switzerland.
  • Cirque au Sommet: Embark on a journey to explore the enchanting world of circus arts in the heart of the Swiss Alps.
  • Caprices Festival: Famous international stars reunite for one prestigious music festival.
  • Omega European Masters: One of the most renowned golf tournaments played in Europe.
  • Federal Festival of Traditional Music: Some 1,500 musicians and 80,000 spectators are set to enjoy this typically Swiss festival in the heart of the Valais Alps.