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Airport Transfers servicing La Plagne

TransferFix is a reliable online service that allows you to compare all transfer services between La Plagne and every airport which services La Plagne. You can choose from an inexpensive shared airport transfer, a standard private transfer service or a premium private luxury limousine service.

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The TransferFix is available to all of the resorts in the domain of La Plagne. This includes Plagne Centre (1,970m), Aime-La Plagne (2,100m), Plagne Villages (2,050m), Plagne Bellecôte (1,930m), Plagne 1800 (1,800m), Belle Plagne (2,050m) and Plagne Soleil (2,050m). Also, TransferFix VTC partners service all of the other alpine resorts in the western alps.

Journey Times & Distances from Airports to La Plagne*

From Geneva airport (GVA), the transfer to La Plagne takes approximately 2h 20m.
The distance from Geneva airport (GVA) to La Plagne is 199 km or 123 miles.
From Lyon airport (LYS), the transfer to La Plagne takes approximately 2h 15m.
The distance from Lyon airport (LYS) to La Plagne is 195 km or 121 miles.
From Milan airport (MXP), the transfer to La Plagne takes approximately 3h 55m.
The distance from Milan airport (MXP) to La Plagne is 285 km or 177 miles.
From Turin airport (TRN), the transfer to La Plagne takes approximately 3h 10m.
The distance from Turin (TRN) airport to La Plagne is 260 km or 161 miles.
From Chambéry Airport (CMF), the transfer to La Plagne takes approximately 1h 30m.
The distance from Chambéry Airport (CMF) to La Plagne is 118 km or 73 miles.
From Grenoble Airport (GNB), the transfer to La Plagne takes approximately 2h 15m.
The distance from Grenoble Airport (GNB) to La Plagne is 191 km or 118 miles.

* As La Plagne is composed of 11 villages found at varying altitudes, times can differ and villages found at higher altitudes can take longer to get to.

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Shared Transfers servicing La Plagne

Shared transfers are an excellent low-cost option. You will be taken right to, or from your hotel or chalet, no matter where you are staying in La Plagne. You will be sharing the vehicle with other people who will be collected from or dropped off at different locations in La Plagne.

You might have to wait for more passengers at the airport or you might have to wait for other passengers to be dropped off in La Plagne before you, consequently your journey time might slightly increase. However, you will always be notified in due time of your exact pick-up time.

Contrarily, there is always the likelihood that you are lucky, with all passengers coming off the same flight or from flights landing within minutes of each other. Or, drop-offs in La Plagne might be close to one another or you might be the first to be dropped off in La Plagne.

Either way, the shared transfer experience requires a bit of “give and take” and a thoughtful attitude from all passengers.

TransferFix offers shared transfers to and from La Plagne in the winter season.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Online, there are resources that allow the VTC to check that flights are departing on time. It is likely that your VTC will have as much information as you about any delays. However, on the booking confirmation form, you will be provided with their mobile number, so you can call for reassurance. If the VTC is not able to transport you in a later vehicle departure, by the time your flight lands, it is likely that the VTC will have arranged for your transportation with another VTC, for the same price that you have paid already. Check your mobile phone for info that will usually arrive by SMS.

Private transfers servicing La Plagne

TransferFix VTC partners provide private transfers from all of the regional airports to La Plagne, all year long.

When you book your private transfer online, you receive an instant confirmation via e-mail or text message and your driver will meet you at the airport.

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About La Plagne

La Plagne is a French ski area in the alpine valley of the Tarentaise (Savoie). 

Like many other resorts in the Alps, La Plagne was created in the 1960s, with the purpose of saving the valleys from becoming deserted, since the agriculture and mining industries were in crisis.

With more than 2.5 million visitors a season on average, La Plagne has become the most popular resort worldwide.

La Plagne consists of 11 separate villages, scattered across a large and gentle plateau alongside a steep mountain and found at altitudes ranging from 1,250 m (4,100 ft) (in the village of Montchavin) to 3,250 metres (10,660 ft) (on the Glacier de la Chiaupe near the top of Bellecôte).

The high volume of apartments and chalets & the good selection of gentle long slopes make La Plagne a sensible choice of families and big mixed groups, however, popularity does have its disadvantage - during high season, the slopes in La Plagne can get seriously overcrowded.

La Plagne has a great infrastructure, which makes it easy to get around. With an excellent network of lifts and free shuttle buses, La Plagne becomes a giant playground for outdoors passionates, both in winter and summer.

Skiing in La Plagne

La Plagne offers 225km (140 mi) of slopes, including plenty of wide and gentle slopes suited for beginners and intermediates: 10 greens and 72 blues.

While La Plagne might not be the ideal place for advanced skiers, there are nevertheless sufficient challenging slopes: 30 reds and 15 blacks. Also, the off-piste, steep couloirs and 1,000m-plus descents will definitely appeal to the daredevils.

La Plagne is serviced by a total of 95 lifts, including the Vanoise Express cable-car, which links La Plagne to Les Arcs and is one of the fastest cable-cars in the world.

La Plagne and neighbouring resorts Peisey-Vallandry and Les Arcs form the Paradiski ski area, which consists of 425 km (264 mi) of pistes, serviced by 160 ski lifts.

Yuge is a Paradiski app which provides information on where the queues are and anticipated waiting times, as well as a digital piste map, weather forecasts, ski itineraries and tracking information.

When in La Plagne, it is recommended to hire a mountain guide, who not only will help you discover the vast domain but will also help you avoid the crowds, so you can benefit the most out of your ski vacation in the French Alps.

Famille Plus Label

La Plagne has received the acclaimed "Famille Plus" label for many years, meaning that the resort is perfect for families.

First of all, there are many ski-in/ ski-out apartments and hotels, and La Plagne is more affordable than many other resorts, so you can find the ideal accommodation for yourself and your family.

Then, there are many family-friendly activities and facilities in La Plagne, including some children clubs, ski lessons for children, etc.


When Albertville was selected to host the 1992 Olympic Games, La Plagne was selected as the venue for the bobsleigh, skeleton and luge events.

The La Plagne track is believed to be one of the best in the world - 1.5 km long with a total of 19 G-force inducing turns. 

While you will often see national teams training in La Plagne, this track differentiates itself from others of its calibre with the fact that anyone can ride it.

Igloo experience

Spend a night like an Eskimo at the Igloo village, at an altitude of 2118 m (6949 ft).

Enjoy the mesmerizing views, the (included) mulled wine and fondue before going to sleep in your ice-bed. 

For many more activities in La Plagne, go here.