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Airport Transfers to and from Les Carroz

The TransferFix platform provides you with a selection of many transfer companies that offer service between Geneva Airport and Les Carroz.
Also, there are services between Bellegarde Rail Station, Chambery Airport, Lyon Airport and Grenoble Airport and Les Carroz.
If you are travelling through Italy to get to Les Carroz, there are services from Turin Caselle Airport and the three Milan airports of Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo.

Only the Geneva Airport service has a shared transfer service. All other routes provide only a private hire service. 


The Booking Process

On the TransferFix platform, you can choose the service type, price, timing and other criteria. Immediately, you can book and pay, and your booking is guaranteed.

You can choose between a low-priced shared airport transfer, a private transfer or a premium private luxury limousine service.

The TransferFix platform provides live availability for shared and private transfers, all with current pricing.
Your online payment goes directly to the bank account of your chosen Licensed Transportation Provider (LTP).
The TransferFix platform sends a detailed confirmation to you, and to your chosen LTP.
Also, the LTP can log in to the platform, to view your booking.

TransferFix does not increase prices, and the LTPs are contracted to offer the same prices on the TransferFix, as they do on their website.

TransferFix is not only available in Les Carroz, but in many other destinations. Our network is growing fast.
Here are the destinations are on the TransferFix platform.


Journey Times & Distances from Airports to Les Carroz

From Geneva airport (GVA), the transfer to Les Carroz takes approximately 55 m.
The distance from Geneva airport (GVA) to Les Carroz is 72 km or 44 miles.
From Lyon Airport (LYS), the transfer to Les Carroz takes approximately 2h.
The distance from Lyon (LYS) airport to Les Carroz is 193 km or 120 miles.
From Bellegarde Train Station, the transfer to Les Carroz takes approximately 1h 5m.
The distance from Bellegarde Train Station to Les Carroz is 87 km or 54 miles.
From Chambéry Airport (CMF), the transfer to Les Carroz takes approximately 1h 15 m.
The distance from Chambéry Airport (CMF) to Les Carroz is 116 km or 72 miles.
From Grenoble Airport (GNB), the transfer to Les Carroz takes approximately 2h.
The distance from Grenoble Airport (GNB) to Les Carroz is 195 km or 121 miles.
From Milan airport (MXP), the transfer to Les Carroz takes approximately 3h 15 m.
The distance from Milan (MXP) airport to Les Carroz is 277 km or 172 miles.
From Turin airport (TRN), the transfer to Les Carroz takes approximately 2h 40 m.
The distance from Turin (TRN) airport to Les Carroz is 212 km or 131 miles.

A Shared Transfer from Geneva Airport to Les Carroz

Before the outbound journey from Geneva Airport (GVA) to Les Carroz begins, you might have to wait for more passengers to arrive on different flights, but that might not be enough people to fill the vehicle.
It is quite common, particularly in the low season for the minibus to depart Geneva Airport with only 4 or 5 passengers.
Once you are on your way, there should be no stops until you arrive in Les Carroz. There is a small possibility that the driver might stop before Les Carroz to drop other people off, but since Les Carroz is the first resort in Le Grand Massif ski area when coming from Geneva Airport, chances are that all passengers in the minibus travel to Les Carroz.

This tends to happen more when demand is low. Each drop-off causes a small delay, and if you are the last person to be dropped off at your accommodation in Les Carroz, there might be a delay of 15-20 minutes.

However, there are equal chances that you are lucky, being among the first ones to be dropped-off, thus adding no delay or only a few minutes delay to your overall journey time.


The Journey from Les Carroz to Geneva Airport

The transfer company will always notify you of the pick-up time from your accommodation or other agreed pick-up location in the resort.

Be in that place at the appointed time. If you are not there, the driver will not wait, as to do so, might compromise the other passengers. No-one wants to risk missing their flight, because someone else is not at their agreed pick-up point on-time.

As soon as all passengers from Les Carroz are picked-up, the journey to Geneva Airport begins. 


Ethics of a Shared Transfer to or from Les Carroz

The shared transfer experience requires a bit of “give and take” and a considerate attitude from all passengers.
Do not be late. Do be helpful if required and be polite to your fellow passengers.
The companies that provide shared transfers are very experienced.
Listen to what their driver might have to say and enjoy the ride!


What happens if my flight is delayed?

TransferFix is in the process of contracting with all LTPs so that you might be able to benefit from transportation on the next available mini-bus.

By choosing a seat in a shared LTP, you save money and leave a lower carbon trail.


Private Transfers to and from Les Carroz

A Private transfer will give you much more flexibility. You get to choose your drop-off and pick-up points in Les Carroz.
You have no other passengers to consider, but do listen to your driver for any advice.


Be Prepared

Les Carroz is an alpine resort, and depending on matters outside for everyone's control, and in unusual circumstances, the situation might change, sometimes very quickly.
You might have to adapt. If that is required, listen to your driver and please be compliant.

About Les Carroz

Les Carroz is a winter and summer tourist resort in the department of Haute-Savoie, in the municipality of Arâches-la-Frasse.

Les Carroz is located right in the heart of the Grand Massif, which also includes Flaine, Morillon and Samoëns.

Les Carroz is a must among ski resorts, as it gives an authentic alpine vibe and it is surrounded by a very well preserved natural environment.

Les Carroz is a traditional French village that is ideal for both families and sports enthusiasts, as it offers a wide variety of activities.

Skiing in Les Carroz

As part of the Grand Massif domain, Les Carroz offers excellent and easy access to 265 km of slopes, 144 trails and 73 lifts.

In fact, it takes just 6 minutes to get from the centre of Les Carroz to the heart of the Grand Massif area via the Kédeuze lift.

The Grand Massif domain is suitable for everyone, as it offers both steep, challenging slopes for the experienced skiers and easy, gentle ones for the beginners.

Due to its exceptional geographic position and its high altitude, the skiing area has excellent snow conditions throughout the winter season.

In addition, 80% of the Grand Massif slopes are facing north, which means the snow is not only abundant but also of superior quality.

Alpine Coaster

Opened since December 2018, the "Speed Drogoz" is a new Alpine coaster opened all year long. 

It sets off from the Kédeuze Gondola platform.

A 350m climb before an 850m downhill run punctuated with banked turns, rollers and flip-flops or succession of rises to the right and left along a straight track.  All set for a sensational ride of about 4 minutes through the heart of the Kédeuze forest.

Moreover, you can also try the Virtual Reality experience!

By combining the reality with the virtual reality during the downhill run, you will be totally immersed in an unforgettable luge experience.

Cultural activities in Les Carroz

For those who are passionate about culture, the cultural centre in Les Carroz holds exhibitions, courses and workshops all year round.

Everything you need to know about cultural activities in Les Carroz on Tourist Office website.


Les Carroz is home to many historic attractions, such as the Pernant Chapel, which was built in the 18th century or the Serveray Bread Oven, a very old oven used to bake bread in the old times.

There is also the Frasse Catholic Church, which was built in 1787, famous for its beautiful paintings.