In the arrivals hall at Geneva Airport, immediately left of the main exit out of the building, there is a row of desks. At peak times, these desks are occupied by representatives of the transfer companies. During off-peak times, just one person might be there, but chances are, that person might be liaising with drivers from other transfer companies. In the low season, there might be no one at the desks. Do not worry, your driver will get in contact with you.

You might not even have to make it to the desks, your driver might be waiting for you, after you pass through customs and walk or ride into the Arrivals Hall.

In the Arrivals Hall, the shared transfer companies do not usually display a board with the passenger name. Usually, their board displays only the name of the transfer company. Speak to the person with the board, 9 times out of 10, this will be your driver.

Occasionally, your transfer company might arrange for you to travel with another company. In this case, a board held by the driver might display your name, or you will find out about the change of carrier from the person on the desk.

If this does happen to you, our advice is to not worry about it! Simply accept the situation and take the ride.

From your driver, you will find out if there is a need to wait for people on a later aircraft. Because the driver should know the flight number of any incoming passenger, it is easy to figure out from the screens in the Arrival Hall with arrival flight info, how long you might have to wait. At busy times, there might be no wait or a very short wait, so listen to any advice provided by the driver. If you are advised to stay close, and not wander off to a bar, cafe or restaurant, then do so. You do stay close, as your departure from the airport is imminent.

If there might be a short delay, and you do not want to stand around, with the driver, tell your driver you want to take a stroll, and the driver will tell you in how many minutes you should be back.

For a driver to have to go hunting for a passenger, that has gone walk-about in the airport, is really inconvenient. It will annoy all your fellow passengers and it might mess-up the scheduling of the transfer company. So do not do it.