Flight Delays

Since the advent of real-time aircraft tracking, it has become a lot easier for the transport company controllers to manage their transfers where a flight is delayed. The larger transfer companies tend to have the capacity to manage this better, with 24-hour controller coverage, though this might be limited to high season travel.

However, the controller can only see when your flight does take off. If you are in the departure airport, and you become aware of a delay, call or message the carrier to notify them. The more info they have, the better they can serve you. Once your flight is airborne, the transfer company controller will be assessing their options to ensure your onward travel is delivered.

Major Disruption

A major disruption might be caused by one or more of four events, adverse weather, pilot or cabin crew action, air traffic controller action, a terror threat or an actual compromising intervention.
Your transfer provider will be aware of any of these events. Communicate with your transfer provider and share with them, any updated information.
All transfer providers on the TransferFix platform are obliged to fulfill their commitment to transfer you to your chosen destination.
When the network becomes operational again, be sure to contact your transfer provider and provide them with any new flight number on which you might be travelling.

TransferFix does advise you to take out insurance against any major disruption.