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Airport Transfers to and from Pré Saint Didier

TransferFix is an advantageous online service which permits you to compare all transfer services between Pré Saint Didier and every airport which services Pré Saint Didier. You can choose among a low-priced shared airport transfer, a private one or a premium private luxury limousine transfer.

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Journey Times & Distances from Airports to Pré Saint Didier

From Geneva airport (GVA), the transfer to Pré Saint Didier takes approximately 2h 2m.
The distance from Geneva airport (GVA) to Pré Saint Didier is 132 km or 82 miles.
From Lyon airport (LYS), the transfer to Pré Saint Didier takes approximately 2h 59m.
The distance from Lyon airport (LYS) to Pré Saint Didier is 253 km or 157 miles.
From Milan airport (MXP), the transfer to Pré Saint Didier takes approximately 2h 35m.
The distance from Milan airport (MXP) to Pré Saint Didier is 220 km or 136 miles.
From Turin airport (TRN), the transfer to Pré Saint Didier takes approximately 2 hours.
The distance from Turin (TRN) airport to Pré Saint Didier is 158 km or 98 miles.

Transferfix compares services within the tourism sector and it allows for a selection of a service, order a service or pay for it, online and directly to the licensed transportation provider.

Shared Transfers to and from Pré Saint Didier

Shared transfers are a great low-cost option. You will be taken to, or from your hotel, chalet or apartment, regardless of where you are staying in Pré Saint Didier. You will be sharing the vehicle with other people who will be collected from or dropped off at different locations in Courmayeur.

You might have to wait for more passengers at the airport or you might have to wait for other passengers to be dropped off in Pré Saint Didier before you, therefore your journey time might slightly increase. Nevertheless, you will always be notified in due time of your actual pick-up time.

Otherwise, there is always the likelihood that you are fortunate, with all passengers coming off the same flight or from flights landing within minutes of each other. Or, drop-offs in Pré Saint Didier might be close to one another or you might be the first to be dropped-off in Pré Saint Didier.

Either way, the shared transfer experience requires a dose of “give and take” and a considerate attitude from all passengers.

TransferFix offers shared transfers to and from Pré Saint Didier all year long.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

TransferFix is in the process of contracting with all of the carriers so that you might be able to benefit from transportation on the next available mini-bus.

By choosing a seat in a shared vehicle you save money and leave a lower carbon trail.

Private transfers to and from Pré Saint Didier

TransferFix provides a private transfer booking service from many different airports to Pré Saint Didier all year long.

When you book your private transfer online, you receive an instant confirmation via e-mail or text message and your driver will meet you at the airport.

With TransferFix and a private ride to or from Pré Saint Didier, you can enjoy the privacy of a taxi service while paying less money than a premium luxury limousine service.

And don’t worry! If your flight is delayed, your driver will still be at the airport to meet you when you arrive.

About Pré Saint Didier

Pré Saint Didier is a town and comune in the Aosta Valley region of north-western Italy.

The town is located at the foot of the majestic Mont-Blanc (aka Monte Bianco), at an altitude of 1,004 m (3,294 ft).

Talking about Alpine wellness, Pré Saint Didier is the perfect place to relax and enjoy unspoiled nature, discovering the pleasures of the thermal baths and beauty treatments.

Pré Saint Didier is a true reference point for relax and wellness, but also offers many other winter and summer activities. 

Skiing in Pré Saint Didier

Pré-Saint-Didier is a very convenient choice when going for a ski vacation in the French Alps. 

Pré-Saint-Didier is located only a few kilometres away from the famous ski resorts of Courmayeur and La Thuile. If skiing is your passion, from Pré Saint Didier you can easly reach the ski slopes of these two resorts.

In winter one can also snowshoe and ice climb.

The Mont Blanc adventure park

The Mont Blanc adventure park is located about 3 km from Pré-Saint-Didier, along the road leading to the Little Saint-Bernard Pass.

A beautiful landscape on the Mont Blanc chain frames this park created in the nature, in a wood and it offers: fun-sport courses with different levels of difficulty, perfect for children, teenagers and adults, according to their needs. Hanging from trees can be carried out in complete security, the highest and longest pulley in Europe with 130 m. long and 188 m. of height that crosses the ravine Orrido of Pré-Saint-Didier.

Passerella Panoramica

La Passerella Panoramica is a high observation deck overlooking the valley and the mountains. There is also a zip line there for the adventurers and longer walking trails for those who want to explore as well.


Totem Adventure is situated exactly at the confluence with the Dora Courmayeur and the Dora La Thuile.

For those who want strong emotions here is the best River Rafting. At the bottom of the rapids, starts the children and family section, also for those who want to enjoy nature in a more calm way.

Other activities besides Rafting are Kayak, Canyoning, Topo Duo and Tandem Paragliding. For those who want to relax Yoga by the river.

The Pre Saint Didier Terme

Since Roman times, the vitality of the Pre Saint Didier town has been associated with its privileged position and the presence of thermal waters.

The Spa and Thermal Baths is a very relaxing and unique place. The healing properties of the water is one of the reasons why that tourists come to the Aosta Valley.

The outdoor area is impressive, there are three large thermal pools and plenty of sun loungers for the warmer summer months. You are nestled down in the valley and surrounded on all sides by dramatic mountain views.

Even in the winter the Spa has lots of visitors. The water filling the pools stays at a balmy 37 degrees Celsius all year round.

Around the outdoor pools are a number of wooden chalets that are home to different sauna facilities and then in the warren of the old buildings, there are lots more different areas to explore. There are over 40 different experiences to enjoy, some of them the jacuzzis, saunas and steam rooms, a salt scrub experience and a floatarium room which plays music under the water surface.

The Spa costs €45 per person. There are a lot of areas for you to explore, you are not limited on time, you can stay all day if you want, and the price includes access throughout the day to a healthy buffet. 

It is recommended the booking of the Spa in advance. This is not an activity suitable for children, entrants have to be over 14 years old.


The Foire des Glaciers: is an event that takes place at the end of every year, on 30 December, and it has been welcoming exhibitors from the whole Aosta Valley. Here the local people propose their creations linked to local handicraft: wooden sculptures and engraved objects, manufactures made of soapstone, wrought iron, leather, furnishings and furniture. Local food and wine produced by locals are also available.